Hardwood Floor Sanding

V&R Wood Flooring Creations has been serving Maricopa County for more than two decades. Providing ultimate satisfaction to our customers, we take great pride in theservices we offer. With the best possible advice to the most affordable and unmatched floor sanding services in Maricopa County, V&R Wood Flooring Creations has an unbeatable reputation in Maricopa County when it comes to sanding services.

It is essential for your wood floor to preserve its quality and beauty. When wood floors lose their original look and start to look faded and worn out, floor sanding is the service you should opt for. With experience of over two decades, our team at V&R Wood Flooring Creations uses high quality, state of the art equipment and products to bring back the original look of your hardwood floors. Even if you have wood floors that are many years old and worn out, our experienced crew can make sure it looks as good as new with our floor sanding service.

With V&R Wood Flooring Creations the sanding procedure is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. This enables us to provide a ravishing look to your old wood floors. With time hardwood floors lose the shine which does not mean you should go for a brand new floor installation. Floor sanding and refinishing is the best way to bring back the desired look of your flooring.

Our sanding process begins with an onsite inspection of your home or office. A qualified professional from V&R Wood Flooring Creations surveys your floor and provides you with an estimate, time frame and professional advice. With latest technologies available, the sanding process is no longer a nightmare. We are one of the few sanding companies in Maricopa County that offers a dustless process. We use an atomic dust containment system which helps us keep the dust level extremely low. The innovative concept of an atomic dust containment system is to have powerful vacuums attached to all of the sanding equipment. Airborne dust is captured and contained removing it from the sanding area. Dust generated by the sanding process is evacuated to a sealed container mounted in a trailer outside your home or your business. We cover all your valuable furniture and electronic appliances to make sure they stay away from every little bit of dust that’s left.

With our wood floor sanding process you can achieve an impeccable finish, as good as new. With proper care you can extend the life of your wood floors. All wood floors require regular sweeping and mopping. Only thing you have to make sure is the dirt does not get stack up on your wood floors. With time the dirt fades away the shine and luster of your wood floors. Increase your home or office value with affordable NYC floor sanding.